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Usmanova Dilfuzahon Ibrohimovna


This paper examines the phenomenon of strategic management of organizations. Sport, as a field and industry, is rapidly changing. Therefore, there is an increased need for strategic management to adjust to these changes. Sports is a business and requires sophisticated management and leadership skills. Sports organizations adapt, renew and develop through creative ideas. The various strategies applied by sports organizations hold the potential to radically change how we play, view, and organize the sport. In other words, through strategy and strategic management modern sport is shaped and improved. To date, limited scholarly attention has been given to strategy and strategic management in sport. However, as the present review will demonstrate, sports strategic management is crucial for the improvement of athletic performance

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Usmanova Dilfuzahon Ibrohimovna. (2021). STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN ORGANIZATIONS. Archive of Conferences, 45-47. Retrieved from

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